We have all met hundreds of people over our lives but not everyone makes an impact on who we are.   Sometimes, we learn from them in an obvious way, like our parents teaching us our values.  Other times it is less obvious, like learning how to be a good friend.  Whether it was a family member, friend, significant other, teacher or any of the other dozens of people we interact with on a daily basis, who has changed or formed you the most?  What have you gained from them and how have you grown?


Though it occurred decades ago, the Holocaust still affects many lives today.  Last Thursday was Holocaust Remembrance Day, a day when we honored the victims of the Holocaust.  Towson Hillel spent the day announcing names of the victims, praying for them, and passing out cards about current human rights issues.

Everyone has learned about the Holocaust in school, but what lessons have we taken away from those classroom lectures?   How can we take what we have learned and apply it to current human rights issues like the genocide in Darfur or the killings and kidnappings in central Africa?  What can we do to prevent genocide and other atrocities like it?

In this day and time, the world finds itself at a cross road–humans want to continue to live the lives they have, but the world is being abused by consumerism and unhealthly lifestyles.  There are too many humans consuming too many unsustainable items and it is taking a toll on the Earth. 

Populations across the world have a challenge in which they must educate themselves on the ways to be sustainable.  How can one better educate themselves on how to recycle, conserve energy, and decrease one’s carbon footprint?  How sustainable are you from day to day and how can you become more aware of easy ways to be sustainable?


Staying healthy is always hard, but it can be particularly so when you are in college.  Between class, studying, work and a social life, how do you make time to exercise or make healthy meals?  In addition to time, cost, ease, and lifestyle are also factors in what we choose to eat.  In order to stay in good health, students find unique ways to stay fit.  What are some of the choice you make and what limitations does college life put on you and your health choices?


Due to the state of Maryland’s recent deficit, a new budget bill has been proposed that includes cuts to higher education funding.  This could mean tuition increases that impact all of campus but that’s not all.  University funding for student activities like clubs and campus wide events or even teachers’ salaries or department budgets could be affected.  Each student has their own aspirations and goals and a plan to achieve them.  What are your dreams, your plans to acheive them, and how would the budget cuts affect you?

Image Learning at a university starts in the class room but that is just the beginning. Every student’s ultimate goal is to be best prepared for life after college and the “real world.” However each student goes through his or her own experiences and deals with their own responsibilities outside of the classroom. Whether it’s managing your time, taking care of a pet, living on your own, or balancing class, an internship and a social life every student challenges are difference and no two lessons are the same. What experiences and responsibilities best prepare a student for post-college life and when will you know that you are truly prepared?

Schools are a place to educate students on a wide variety of subjects.  Throughout time, there have been many violent outbreaks in educational institutions, such as the shooting at Virginia Tech and Columbine High School.  Could these violent crimes have been prevented with better prepatory measures like increased security?  Many questions have gone unanswered in the past, but we ask again.

On February 27, 2012, there was a shotting at a High School in Ohio–3 students died and one is still in critical condition.  A teenager opened fire on a group of students in a high school cafeteria outside Cleveland around breakfast time on Monday, leaving 3 students dead and one in critical condition.  The local police in Chardon, a town of 5,000, said they had apprehended a suspect on Monday afternoon, but Tim McKenna, the police chief, said they could not identify him publicly because he was a juvenile. 

Local radio host, Mike Trvisonno said, “It can happen anywhere, and does.”  Mr. Trivisonno said on the air in response to a caller who wondered if a divide between the area’s rural and suburban populations might have contributed to the shootings. “It can happen anywhere.”

Although you may not have known because classes were in session, this Monday is Presidents’ Day.  This holiday was started to celebrate George Washington’s birthday and sometimes includes Abraham Lincoln or all presidents.  Now, the main way our society observes this holiday is through days off of work and sales in stores.  Possibly a better thing to do on this day is to consider where we are as a country.  People are often trying to infer what the founding fathers would have thought about current issues based on what is in the constitution, but it is very hard to say because our country has grown so much and technology has changed our way of life.  What do you think George Washington or Abraham Lincoln would say if they were to visit us today?  Would they see us as having progressed or regressed?  Would they be proud of the country they helped to shape in its early years?  What would their suggestions or advice be for our future?


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